Project 6

Urban transport system, pollution, climate change and health — modelling future scenarios

The project is looking at the health impacts of urban form and transport, focusing on the influence of dense centres, innovative public transport options and their impacts on emissions and walkability under the influence of climate change.

A transition from motor vehicle transport to an active form of transport such as walking and cycling (which may include a transit trip) has proven health benefits. Decreased car use also decreases emissions that have health impacts. Together it is possible to develop a health rationale for adapting our cities to climate change. This project will develop a health module that can be used in scenario modelling exercises on transport, land use and climate scenarios. The project will address business as usual scenarios and sustainable transport scenarios. Potential case studies have been identified as Macquarie Park (Sydney), Knowledge Arc (Perth) and the Sydney CBD (George Street).


  1. Identify and develop case studies of transport and land use interventions in Sydney and Perth which are relevant to climate change
  2. Estimate Health impacts of these scenarios, with a focus on air pollution and climate interactions, physical activity/obesity and travel behaviour/road safety
  3. Estimate health co-benefits of shift to active modes of travel

Published literature

2 journal manuscripts currently in prepartion.

Research team

Professor Peter Newman (Project leader)
  • CUSP Institute, Curtin University
Dr Annie Matan
  • CUSP Institute, Curtin University

Professor Tony Capon

  • National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, The Australian National University
Dr Sotiris Vardoulakis
  • National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, The Australian National University
  • The UK Health Protection Agency
Garry Glazebrook
  • University Technology Sydney
Monica Zarafu
  • Master of Built Environment (Research), University Technology Sydney
Cole Hendrigan
  • PhD Candidate, CUSP Institute, Curtin University
Colin Beattie
  • PhD Candidate, CUSP Institute, Curtin University

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